Why Shape Math Went Digital

Why Shape Math Went Digital

Shape Math is now digital. You can learn Shape Math on your computer, tablet or desktop. We have replaced the Shape Math lesson plan book with video lessons. Now the student can teach themselves independently. Here is why we made this transition.

The Modern Student

Students are becoming very comfortable learning digitally. This is even more true for students with disabilities. Dyslexics use Kurzweil and Dragon to read and write. The Shape Math digital program allows the student to use the same devices they would use for the rest of their schoolwork for Math.


Shape Math digital sets provide the same educational content for a fraction of the price saving you, the customer, money and allows us to help more students.

Always Up to Date

Shape Math improves over time and the digital program can be updated without you, the customer having to do anything. You are always getting the newest version of Shape Math without having to buy a new set.

No Waiting

You do not have to wait for a Shape Math set to be shipped out to you. You can start using Shape Math immediately.

Everything is in the Same Place

When you login everything is at your fingertips. All the pieces, the digital white board and the video lessons. You don’t have to worry about breaking or losing anything. You can login at a library, your school, or at home.