With Shape Math® there are no memorization times tables. Instead you use logical processes to quickly figure out what times tables are. As an example, let’s take 4×6. You imagine four shapes of 6 in the image below. The red portion represents 5 and the blue triangles represent 1. You rearrange the shapes of 5 into as many shapes of 10 as you can (Two shapes of 10).

Then count the number of 1 shapes left over or rearrange them (Four shapes of 1). 4×6=24

The advantage of this system over just memorizing times tables is that the skills can be applied to many different times tables.  You could use the same technique for two times six or three times six etc.  The other is that dyslexics and dyscalculics cannot remember times tables.  They need a set of logical rules represented through a visual technique and that is exactly what Shape Math® is.