Written Form

The Written form of Shape Math

Dyslexic people often have difficulty with math which is called Dyscalculia.  Dyscalculic students need a tool that can be used for everyday situations so sometimes they have to write out problems. The student will not always carry multicolored pens or the two-dimensional teaching aids that the system is taught with.  There is a written form of Shape Math™ that can be used just like the mental form and requires no special writing implements.  There are no mirror numbers or other common dyscalculic challenges. Regardless of orientation, the number means the same thing. The best thing about the written form is it can be used anywhere normal numbers can be used.

To do problems, the student can just draw arrows to rearrange the elements of the problem.  It allows the student to combine the best parts of Shape Math™ and the place value system.

Step 1
You combine the two fives which make the shape of 10.
Step 2
You carry the 10, and it turns into one because it’s moving up a place value.
Step 3
Take the one and put it onto the five. It makes the shape of six.

What would normally be a set of mental problems, where only the answers would be written down, becomes a process that is able to be done visually on paper. With Shape Math™ you can make your number system work for you.