The Basics

Shape Math® is great for learning the basic math that most people take for granted. Shape Math® uses a ten based shape and numbers below ten fit into that shape. You solve math problems simply by connecting shapes together. The outside shape determines the answer. For example, a 2 and a 3 fit together to make the shape of 5.

Two shapes of 5 make the shape of 10.

Every shape looks sigificantly different from each other. Color is used to make recognition easier. The lower numbers are cooler in color while the higher numbers are warmer in color. This adds extra conceptual reinforcement. As the color example demonstrates, Shape Math® is designed to use a series of patterns and rules instead of rote morization. You do not have to remember every color. You only have to remember that it’s a scale from cool to warm. If you understand this concept you can fill in any gaps. The rest of the system uses similar rules that allow Shape Math® to be logical and easy to remember.