How to Manipulate the Shapes


Retrieve Shapes

To retrieve a peace you simply click on it and drag it down to the work surface.







Rotate Shapes

Double-click or double tap the Shape. This changes the orientation once.









Click on the white circle to rotate a piece.





scroll button


You can use the scroll button on your mouse or trackpad to change the orientation of the selected piece.




two finger rotation


Now you can use two fingers to rotate a selected piece on the iPad.







Select Shape

To select a single shape simply click on that shape.








To select multiple pieces you can drag a rectangle around the pieces by clicking and dragging over them.







On a computer you can click the shift button to select individual pieces you would like to be selected as part of a group.








Deleting Shapes

Drag a piece or pieces to the trashcan








Select a shape or shapes then click or tap on the trashcan.









Select a shape and click the delete key on a keyboard









Click or tap the “Clear All” button.








Shape BreakdownShapebreal down

Select a shape and in the lower right corner will pop up a shape breakdown tab. clicking on this tab brings up a menu of choices of how to break down the shape. Click the breakdown you like and your peace will be replaced with it.






Linking Together Shapes

linking 3You can link together shapes by selecting a group of shapes and then pressing the link button. The normally black outlines of the linked shapes will now be gray so you can tell they are linked. These shapes will now move as if they are a single piece. To unlink pieces select them and click the link button again.