Computer and Tablet Compatibility

Usually, as long as you have a device that can run HTML 5 you can use the Shape Math program. Most computers (PC or Mac) and tablets can run HTML 5.  The Shape Math program has been optimized for computers and the iPad.  However, Android tablet compatibility varies. This is because android screen dimensions are not standardized and can vary between different makes and models that use the android operating system.  To tell if your tablet is compatible with the Shape Math program you can try the Shape Math demo on the device. Check to make sure that all of the essential elements are present by comparing it with the picture below.

Here is a checklist of what to look for.
1. Shaped bar
2. Video player. (Make sure the video plays on your device.)
3. Trashcan
4. Duplicate icon (The Green + on a sheet of paper)
5. Magnifying glasses(+ and -)
6. Tabs (These are great out in the demo version except for the first one.)
7. Make sure your tablet has enough computing power by playing the video and moving pieces at the same time. Some tablets do fine with one of these tasks but cannot do them at the same time.

Troubleshooting steps:
If your device or computer has trouble running Shape Math try updating your browser or switching to the newest version of one of these browsers.

If you’re having trouble with a tablet try updating your browser if possible or updating the operating system. If you are still having trouble drop us a line at or 412-527-6988.

The Shape Math program is not compatible with Windows 8 tablets. This is because Windows 8  tablet’s touch function works differently from HTML 5.

The Shape Math program is compatible with Windows 8 on a computer with the use of a mouse or trackpad.