What is the Web App?

The Shape Math Web App allows you to get up and running with the Shape Math program today.  You’ll have all the tools you need and will have a trained video tutor all the way through the program.  The web app is currently optimized for both your desktop and your iPad (other tablets can access the web app, but at this time the layout is not optimized for different devices.)

To access the Web App, click the ‘Web App’ menu item on the top of your screen (as shown in this image).

Access to the web app is based on a subscription that you can sign up for here.  There are three different payment plans you can choose from.

•1 Month   $40 (This is a good option if you want to try the full version of the Shape Math application with less risk or if you need more time to go through the program after signing up with one of the other options.

•9 Months $200 (This is a good option for a student to go through the entire program because for most students nine months is more than enough time.)

•2 Years $360 (This option is good for tutors and for parents that have multiple students that need Shape Math. Note the Shape Math subscription only works on one device at a time.)

Whichever plan you choose during the over 14 hours of video lessons the student will be taught addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, working with money and converting different units of time. As the student goes through the program they are taught mental and written techniques that allow them to use Shape Math independently without relying on the web application. As with all good education, the idea is to give the student tools that will serve them for a lifetime.

Feel free to email us at info@shapemath.com with any questions.

If you aren’t happy with what Shape Math can do for you within one month, let us know and we will give you your money back.  We will retain a $20 processing fee.

However, You can try before you buy. If you click on “web app” at the top of the page and then click the purple text, “Try out a demo version of Shape Math for free!” You will have access to the first lesson of Shape Math as well as the first tab of manipulatable digital pieces. You can find out firsthand if Shape Math works with your or your student’s learning style.